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Gavin Clifton, is a very talented lyricist and songwriter from South Wales. He was born with a condition called cerebral palsy, and he also has a speech impediment, but he never let his condition stop him from writing music.

Gavin has from a very young age, been interested in writing, from writing short stories and poems in his school years, and then moving on to study the art of writing lyrics, and then becoming the accomplished lyricist that he is today.

Back in 2011, he was encouraged to take up songwriting, to get his brilliantly crafted lyrics out into the public eye. So, he was introduced to a few record producers, who could help him do this whilst over-looking his condition. He now collaborates with some of the most musically talented people within South Wales, namely, Carl Simmonds in Pontypool, Jeff Rose, the brilliant lead guitarist of Newport band Dubwar and now a record producer himself, and lastly, the very versatile Al Steele of Shabbey Road Studios in Caerphilly.

Since then, between them, they have released a number of singles, which are available to download on itunes. One of these tracks, When Courage Shines On Me, was played on BBC Radio Wales back in the summer of 2015, and received great reviews from this. With another track, Magic of Christmas, has already received over 50,000 views on Facebook in total, and was played at various venues throughout Christmas 2015, including the Millennium Stadium’s President’s Suite.

Early in 2016, Gavin entered the recording studio again, where he co-wrote Little Steps, Little Wins with Al Steele at Shabbey Road Studios, Gavin was invited down to the Radio Wales Studios in Cardiff by Chris Needs for an evening where he spent time in the Radio Wales Studio, and Chris played Little Steps, Little Wins on air to over 40,000 listeners. The track has also received excellent feature reviews on some of the UK’s most well known online blogs too.

 Gavin’s latest project was to co-write a brand new single for Kirsten Orsborn, who is the Royal Marine’s Forces Sweet Heart. The single is called ‘Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool’, a catchy Motown style track, and the production is based on those Motown City classics. Kirsten will be releasing the single for digital download in August 2016, so keep an eye out for it!






Clifton Music Records

Gavin is delighted to announce that CLIFTON MUSIC (RECORDS) is now an Independent Record Label.

He says ‘Ever since a very young age it has been my dream to own my own business, and I feel now is exactly the right time to combine my love for writing, my passion for music and my desire to run my own business, and launch CLIFTON MUSIC RECORDS!

I believe, that whatever your abilities are, or in my case disabilities are, you should reach out for your dreams, and go for it. My ambition is to make CLIFTON MUSIC RECORDS as successful as it can be. I have cerebral palsy along with a speech impediment, and who knows if my condition will hinder the way the label progresses, but trust me, I am willing and ready to smash down any barrier that is put in front of me.

So, the journey now continues, and I truly hope you will all continue to come along for the ride. Lastly, my promise to anybody who gets involved with CLIFTON MUSIC RECORDS in the future is, you’ll be getting all of the strength and passion I have to ensure you are able to be the best possible person, and artist you can be.

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